Couples counselling provides a space for couples to work through the issues that face them with the guidance of a therapist.  There are many reasons that couples seek help:

Feeling stuck and despondent
Wanting to understand what each wants

Feeling as if the relationship might end, but hoping to work things out and stay together;
Ending the relationship but wanting to do so on good terms;
Experiencing sexual or intimacy issues within the relationship;
Engaged or about to make a long-term commitment, but wanting to improve the relationship;
Dealing with the disclosure of an affair 

What to expect

At the first appointment we can identify and discuss the issues that you wish to bring to counselling, identify any goals and begin the process of communication. I will remain neutral and will try to help you explore any patterns in the relationship and encourage communication between you. 

I appreciate that issues raised in couples counselling are private and deeply personal.  I do not judge the choices made by couples or their sexual experiences.  When exploring issues, I always try to do so with sensitivity, and what I am told is confidential.  I am particularly interested in counselling couples who are exploring starting a family using alternative methods, whether by IVF or surrogacy. 

I might ask questions such as:

What issues are you experiencing in your relationship?
How long have these issues been a problem?
What do you expect from your partner?
What do you think you could do to make things better in your relationship?
What do you think that your partner could do to change your relationship?
What are your expectations of couples counselling?

Couples counselling may be open-ended or time limited to 6 or 12 sessions depending on the issues raised.  We can decide on this together. 

If you are having relationship problems and would like to explore how relationship therapy might help please call me on 07957 215 733 or email me at

I have worked for Relate seeing couples and completed the Relate diploma in Relationship Counselling.