Psychotherapy – occasionally referred to as the “talking therapy” – consists of the short or long-term interaction between a trained professional and a client. The problems addressed are generally emotional in nature and can be the consequence of any number of events or experiences in the client’s lifetime.

A common misconception is that psychotherapy is the reserve of those with serious mental health issues. In reality, it is an appropriate recourse for dealing with a litany of negative thoughts or feelings that many of us experience as part of day to day living, but that in some can result in the diminishment of their quality of life. Talking and describing feelings in a peaceful, understanding and confidential setting can be hugely effective in helping changing patterns that are not conducive to a clear outlook.

Couples counselling provides a space for couples to discuss their issues and find solutions to problems within their relationship. More information on this can be found on the 'Couples' page of this site.

For individuals, sessions are generally at a set weekly time and place and last for 50 minutes. Depending on your needs and circumstances, treatment plans can range from short-term (typically six sessions) to long term (twenty four sessions or open-ended). For couples, sessions are usually 90 minutes and can also be short or long term.